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Jerry Holland -The Second Collection

A fresh compilation of 322 new and traditional tunes arranged by Jerry complete with his carefully chosen chords for accompaniment.
Table of contents:

A. J. and Jeanette Beaton's
Air Canada
Air Tune (The)
Alex Steele's Farewell to West Bay Road
Alex Beaton's Strathspey
Alex MacMaster's
Alexander MacDonald
Alexander William MacDonnell
Alf's Love for Carol McConnel
Allan Dewar's Jig
Allan "Big Alex" MacDonald
An Rógaire Dubh
Andrew La Plante's
Angus MacEachern's
Angus, Ian and Allan
Angus and Spankie's
Angus MacIsaac
Angus Campbell
Anna Mae Grant
Anne Germaine MacDonald
Anne Marie Barry
Antigonish Highland Centennial March (The)
Ashley MacIsaac's Request
Athole Brose
Augusta Staff Ladies
Auld Stewarts of Forthergill
Back of the Change House
Ball and Pin
Ballymahon (The)
Beach Glass Babes
Bee's Wing (The)
Bird in the Tree (The)
Birnam Wood
Black Rogue (The) (see An Rógaire Dubh)
Blackthorn Strathspey (The)
Boo Baby's Lullaby
Boreal Owl
Bovaglie's Plaid
Boys of the Loch
Boy's Lament for his Dragon (The)
jBraes of Marr (The)
Bras D'Or House
Brendan Mulivhill's Pick
Bridge at Newtown (The)
Broken Lantern (The)
Broken Lantern (The)
Bryden MacLean
Buddy MacMaster's Fancy
Buddy's Dances
Buddy's Detour
Burnside of Tynet
Cameron's Got his Wife Again
Careys' Irish Hospitality
Ceilidh Trail School
Coilsfield House
Computer Joe
Considering a Move
Controversial (The)
Cooley's Hornpipe
Crandall Road (The)
Cranford's Delight
Culloden Well
Cutting Ferns
Dainty Davie
Dan Rory MacDougall
Dan Rory MacDougall's
Dance Your Heart Away
Danny Maillet
Danny Fraser
Dave 'Normaway ' MacDonald's Wedding
David and Nancy's Visit
Denis Lantôt's
Dickie Roger's Pedestal
Dillon Brown
Dismissal Reel (The)
Doc Harris' Hornpipe
Dougie 'The Fiddler'
Dougie and Johnny
Dougie's Favorite Squirrel
Dougie's Likes
Dougie's Liam
Dr. Shaw
Drowsy Maggie
Duchess of Buccleuch (The)
Duncan Lamont
Duncan Chisholm
Earl of Home
Earl Grey
Ernie Arsenault's Favorite
Farewell to Ryan's Fancy
Farewell (The)
Farewell to Catawba
Farewell to Lena
Father Hanley's
First Day of Spring (The)
Five Leaf Clover (see The Hunter's Purse)
Flagon (The)
For My Mother Dear
Fostex Coffee
Francis Aucoin
Francis Xavier Kennedy MacDonald
Frontier Reel (The)
General Longstreet's
General Robertson of Lawar's
George V's Army (see Kitchener's Army)
Gerry Commane's
Gillian Head
Glasgow Caledonian Strathspey and Reel Society
Glen Where the Deer Is
Golden Eagle (The)
Golden Star (The)
Green Grow the Rushes
Hand Me Down the Tacke (Tom Steele)
Harsh February (The)
Harvey Tolman's Fancy
Hector the Hero
Heidi's Bark
Honest Duncan
Honourble Mrs. Graham of Balgowan (The)
House of Park (The)
House Hunting
How Lucky We Have Life
Hughie Jim Paul's
Hunter's House (The)
Hunter's Purse (The)
I Held a Lady (see The Munster Cloak)
Icy Blue Days
In Memory of Herbie MacLeod
In Praise of Maureen Mackenzie
Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
J.P. Cormier's Jig
Jabe Meadow
Jack Daniel's Reel
Jackie ande Mamie's Jig
Jack's Hall
James Cameron
James Kelly
Janine Randall's Strathspey
January 16th
Jerrome's Farewell (see Boys of the Loch)
Jerry Holland's
Jerry and Mary's Wedding.
Jerry the Newscaster
Jerry Holland's Jig
Jes Kroman
Jessie Smith
Jessie Javex
Jessie's Fancy
Jimmy and Eddie
Jock Wilson's
John MacColl's Farewell
John Donald's Jig
John Charlie's Lament
John Alex Francis MacLellan
John Morris Rankin
John Morris Rankin's Jig
Johnena's Fine Mincemeat Pie
Judique Piano Summit
Julia Delaney
Junior's Gorilla
Kate and Julie's First Reel
Katie Ann Cameron's
Kay Girroir
Kay MacDougall Guthro
Kentucky Mandolin (The)
Kerry Reel (The)
Kieran and Liz's First Visit
Kinnon and Betty Lou at West Mabou
Kinnon Beaton
Kirrie Kebbuck (The)
Kitchener's Army
La Touque Bleu
Lad O'Beirne's Hornpipe
Lady Georgina Russel's Reel
Lady Erskine
Lady Susan Gordon's Reel
Laird of Bemersyde (The)
Lakeview Drive
Larry Reynold's Fancy
Laurel's Reel
Laybourn's Hornpipe
Liam's Bear
Linda and Barry's Treat
Lion's Den (The)
Lisa MacIsaac's Jig
Little House Under the Hill (The)
Little Mary's Reel
Loch Derculich
Loch Leven Castle
Lonely January
Loran Ramsey's
Lord John Campbell
Mac Morin's Jig
MacKenzie Hay
Marchioness of Tullybardine
Margaree Fancy
Margaret and Archie Neil
Margaret's Waltz
Marie Reilly's
Marion Dewar's Jig
Marion Birdwatching
Marquis of Queensbury (The)
Mary Jessie Gillis
Mary MacDonald's (see Little Mary's Reel)
Mary Gray
Mary Ann MacDougall's
Mary's Expresso
Max's Jig
McNamara's Band Barndance
Meeting Gigi
Memories of Archie Neil
Memories of Eddie Irwin
Merry Making (The)
Merry Miss Mary D.
Micheál Carr's Barndance
Micho Russel's
Mick Mulkerrin
Mike MacDougall's
Mike MacDougall's Cape North Dances
Minnie MacMaster
Minnie Adams' House
Miss McLean of Inverscadle
Miss Wedderburn's
Miss Johnson's
Miss Graham of Inchbrackie's
Miss Campbell of Menzies
Miss Whiteford's Reel
Miss Casey
Miss Christy Nicholson
Miss Downie's Strathspey (see Honest Duncan)
Miss Ann Amelia Murray
Miss May Hay
Miss Gordon Fochabers
Miss Jane MacInnis
Missing Home
Moladh Maureen Nic Coinnich
Molly McGuire's
Mourne Mountains (The)
Mr. Barnard's
Mr. Masson
Mr. Joe MacLean
Mrs. Crehan's Reel
Mrs. Duncan Forbes of Muirtown
Mrs. Ronald MacDonald
Mrs. Melville - Dysart
Mrs. Dingwall of Brockly's
Munlochy Bridge
Munster Cloak (The)
Musical Chisholm Household (The)
My Closest Friend
Natalie's Visit
New Fiddle (The)
Niel Gow's Lament for the Death of his 2nd Wife
Oh Dear, What Can the Matter Be
Old Church Hall (The)
Old Tattered Fiddler
O'er Bogie
Palm Tree (The)
Party in the Catskills
Patterson's General Store
Paul Mac's Reel
Paul's Favorite Program
Perrie Werrie (The)
Peter Baillie
Pittoon (The)
Pottinger's Reel
Pretty Pepper
Professor Delbert's Birhday
Quarter Moon
Ralph's Reel
Rannie MacLellan's Jig
Ratholdran Castle
Ready for the Dance
Reel du Vétérinaire
Road to West Mabou (The)
Rocky Mountain Fiddle Camp
Roderick Cameron's Strathspey
Roger Treat's Strathspey
Rolling off a Log
Rosemary Brown
Ross Kennedy
Royal Circus (The)
Rubber Face
Sack of Potatoes (The) (see An Rógaire Dubh)
Sailor Don
Salute to Frank Ferrel
Sandy Cameron
Sandy John's Jig
Shaskeen Reel (The)
Sheba's Jig
Simon's Great Smile
Sir Archibald Dunbar
Southwest Fiddler (The)
Spark's Rant
St. Anne's Reel
Stage (The)
Street Player (The)
Sweet Peggy
Sweetness of Mary (The)
Taste of Gaelic (A)
Thatcher (The)
Thelma MacPherson's
Thistle (The)
Tipperary Reel (The)
Tire Kickers
To the Ladies (see Irishman's Heart to the Ladies
Tom Dey
Tom Steele
Trip to Denmark
Tripper's (The)
Upper Denton
Wake Up to Cape Breton
Waking of the Fauld (The)
Wedding Jig (The)
Welcome to the Trossacks
Wild Alf McConnell
Willie Kennedy's Jig


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