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Stoney End Eve 22 str, 22 Lever Harp

The Stoney End Eve Harp is the most popular model. It is a 22-string lap or knee harp, tuned from G to G. The lowest C is middle C on a piano. Because of its small size, this harp can be taken almost everywhere., yet it is capable of expressive music. The limitation of the three octave range is made up for by the portability of this sweet lightweight harp. This harp is 30 inches high, 17 inches deep, and 10 inches wide and weighs 7 pounds.Stoney End harps are made in the USA. They are all strikingly good looking and have a really lively and bright response, which is maintained all the way to the top end.
Solid Walnut or Cherry wood is used for the structural frame and pinblock. The plywood side and back panels are inserted into dado cuts in the solid corners and the base. This makes a durable and strong, yet very lightweight harp body.
Stoney End harps are often praised for offering the best combination of a great sound and affordable price. They are very reliably made, and always look and sound fantastic. Available to order.


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