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Karen Ashbrook & Paul Oorts-"Celtic Café"

(November 2001) 19 tracks: Breton Dance / Star of Munster / Irish Maidens Set; Máirin De Barra aire; Siobhan O'Donnell's / Handsome Young Maidens; Style Musette / Irish Reel Set; Hong Herald; Bear Island / Séan sa Cheo / Hong Herald; Behind the Bush in the Garden / Sgt Early's Dream / Lady Anne Montgomery; Belgian Jigs: Colonne la Gavre / Sabotière de Nonceveux / La Marchande; Valse Petit Déjeuner; Flemish Carillon Set: Wel Island / Chimes of Dunkirk / Air; Paspie Menuet / Mr. Waller; Napoleon Suite; Before the Battle: Gathering at Waterloo / Will You Go to Flanders; Wellington's Coming; The Victor's Return; Waterloo Hornpipe; The Battle: Bonaparte's Defeat; Battlefire / The Retreat; Lamentation for the Fallen Heroes of Waterloo; The Aftermath: The 78th's Farewell to Belgium. French, Flemish, Breton, Irish, Scottish music from the cultural crossroads of Europe.This CD celebrates an institution that contributed mightily to the development and vitality of folk music - the café, and its Irish cousin the pub. Evokes late nights spent in these venues, sessioning with old musicians and listening to the lore of the buskers (street performers). We invite you into our café where musicians, old and new, Celtic and continental, are brought together in a lively dynamic, and evocative collection of music!


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