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Kevin Macleod-"Springwell"

(May 1999) 16 tracks: Scottish jigs; Scottish pipe and fiddle reels; Seaforth's 9/8 pipe retreat marches; Freeland's & Sandy Bell's hornpipes; Waltz from Orsa; Hawaiian Hapa Haole Hula Girl; Falls of Glomach & Balmacara; Austrian Zither Landler; Donald MacLeod's pipe hornpipes; Robert MacDonald's Schottisches; Cock o' the North & old pipe reel; Scottish 3/4 pipe marches; Flaco's Polka and Russ's Reel; Dance from Marmaros; Faeroese waltzes; Scottish 2/4 march & Californian reel.


  • Model: CDTRAX178

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