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Piping Up

(October 2000) 19 tracks: Chris Armstrong - Quantum Leap; Rory Campbell - MacLean of Pennycross / No Panteloni; Fred Morrison - Sheenagh's Waltz; Victoria Police - Up An' Adam; Gordon Walker - Donald Cameron's Powder Horn / Donella Beaton / Troy's Wedding / Glasgow City Police Pipers; Anna Murray - Chuir I Gluin Air 'A Bhodaich / Ailleann / Untitled Reel / In and Out the Harbour; Tommy Couper - Dug Eating Beetroot / Alessio's / Hooch Drinker's Jig; Chris Armstrong - Dreams of a Child; Fred Morrison - Duntroon / Sandy Cameron's; Rory Campbell - Morag MacNeil / Tangasdale / The Dinan Brog / Magaid a Phipir / Traditional Jig / An Gun's T-Apron; Gordon Duncan - An Mhaighdean Mhara / Tam in the Rain / The Cape Breton Fiddler's Welcome to the Shetland Isles / Ash City; Ann Gray - Sailing Solo on the Minnow; Chris Armstrong - Train to Glasgow / Alan the Chanter Breaker / The Whisky Boeys / lnspiration / The Electric Pumpkin; Rory Campbell - Fred & Anna's Strathspey / The Interviewee / Guti; Anna Murray - The Hazy Day / Zito the Bubbleman / The Last Tango in Harris; Paddy Keenan - Johnny's Tune; Tommy Couper - Rachel and Rosslyn's Jig / Hector's Jig / James MacLellan's Favourites; Victoria Police Pipe Band - The Hellbound Train; Troy Donockley - Tower on the Hill.

Here we have Highland Pipes in full-tilt ensemble with flutes and fiddles, smallpipes in elegant harmony with strings, Lowland pipes forging new textures and probing at the edges of fresh repertoire, and the enduring power of the unaccompanied solo bagpipe. Bringing together a distinguished roster of pipers - Scots, Irish, Australian and Canadian - Chris Armstrong, Rory Campbell, Fred Morrison, Victoria Police Pipe Band, Gordon Walker, Tommy Couper, Gordon Duncan, Ann Gray, Paddy Keenan and Troy Donockley.


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