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Steph Geremia - The Open Road

Track listings:
1)Jigs: Green Forest - Scattery Island - Ingonish
2)Reels: Donegal Reel - The Road To Ballymac
3)Reels: Seamus O'Donnell's - Davy Maguire's
4)Jig & Reels: McIntyre's Fancy - Terry Crehan's - Carpe Diem
5)Air & 5/8: Alasdair's Tune - Charrada De Bercimuelle
6)Highland & Reel: Jimmy Lyon's Highland - Mulvihill's Reel
7)Reels: The Conspiracy - Courting THem All - The Fairy Reel
8)Jigs: Linnane Terrace - Humours of Ballingarry
9)Reels: The Garsun Who Beat his Father - London Lasses - Bill Hoare's Reel
10)Hornpipes: Chief O'Neill's - McGivney's Fancy
11)Reels: Seamus Tansey's - Snow Covered Hills
12)Jigs: O'Reilly's Favorite - Tommy Peoples


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