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Liam Kelly - Sweetwood

Track listings:
1. Reels: Phyllis's BIrthday/Patsy Hanley's/The Devils of Dublin
2. Jigs: Maid on the Green/Tonra's/Billy McCormick's
3. Hornpipes: James McMahon's (Sean Ryan's) Hornpipe/An Cófra Dubh (The Brown Chest)/Murphy's Hornpipes
4. Reels: Teampall an Ghleanntáin/Thornton's/Hickey's Reels
5. Slow Air: An raibh tú ar an gCarraig
6. Reels: Black Pat/Lady Gordon's/Lady McDonald's
7. Lament: Sweetwood
8. Jigs: Lark on the Strand/Diplodocus/The Bride's Favourite
9. Reels: Sportin' Paddy/The Kinvara Reel/I Have no Money
10. Hornpipes: Dunphy's/Peacock's Feather No. 2/John Egan's
11. Jigs: The Orphan/Katy's Rambles/Pull the Knife and Stick it Again
12. Slow Air: Bruach na Carraige Báine
13. Reels: Larry's Favourite by Paddy O'Brien/Gan Ainm/Callaghan's
14. Reels: Humours of Lisadell/Queen of May/Green Gates
15. Reels: Bethnal Green
16. Jigs: Derrick Hickey's/Wallop the Spot


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