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John Wynne - Ar nos na Gaoithe (Like the Wind)

Track listings:
1.Reels: The Gladstone/Farewell to Miltown Malbay/The Humours of Westport
2.Jigs: The Orphan/The Cow that Ate the Blanket/Winnie Hayes's
3.Reels: Farewell to Erin/Austin Tierney's
4.Jigs: The Wishing Well/Both Meat and Drink
5.Hornpipes: The Bunglas Lass/The Belfast Hornpipe
6.Polkas: Boney crossing the Alps/Tom Morrison's
7.Slow Air: Ní ar Chnoc ná ar Ísleacht
8.Jigs: Rural Felicity/McHugh's Jig
9.Hornpipe and Barn Dance: The Humours of Tullycrine/Terry Bingham's Barn Dance
10.Reels: The Dawn/The Navvy on the Line/The London Lassies
11.Polkas and Jigs: Tripping on the Mountain/Farewell to Gurteen/Strop the Razor
12.Air: The Gift of Falling
13.Reels: Brian Quinn's/John Egan's/The Braes of Busby
14.Jig and Reel: The Ships are Sailing/The Hunter's Purse


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