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Liz Carroll-"Lake Effect"

Track listings:
1. The Rock Reel/The Morning Dew/Reeling on the Box 2. Anlon McDinney/Mind the Dresser 3.The Ghost/The Hatchlings/The Long Bow 4.The Jump Ball/Whipple Hill/How We Spent The Christmas 5.Catherine Kelly's/Lake Effect 6.The Ornery Upright/Sass is Back 7.Spinning Out of the Turn/Tom and Martin 8.A Day and an Age 9.The Tractor Driver/A Tune for the Girls 10.Oh,Bedad!/For the Love of Music 11.The Blue Friesian/Dancing on a Sixpence 12.Hanley's House of Happiness 13.The Potato on the Door/Mary and the Tea Bag/Perpetual Check


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