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Jim Lindsay - Scottish Christmas Dance Party

Great for Christmas dance or party. Track Listings:
1)Christmas Reels (Fisherman's Reel/Black Mountain Reel/Caddam Wood/Plantation Reel), 2)St. Bernard Waltz, 3)Christmas Jigs (Postie's Jig/Joe McDiarmid's Jig/Bees of Maggie Knockater/Rothesay Rant), 4)Slow Air Strathspeys (Mrs Milne of Kinneff/Culla Bay/Balmoral Strathspey/Autumn in Appin), 5)Christmas Irish Reels (Dashing White Sergeant/Montgomeries' Rant/Inverness Country Dance), 6)Waltz Country Dance, 7)Christmas Reels (Circassian Circle/Flying Scotsman/Anniversary Reel/Baldovan Reel), 8)Boston Two Step (Military Two Step), 9)Christmas Strathspeys (Byron Strathspey/McDonald of the Isles/Wind On Loch Fyne/Neidpath Castle), 10)Gay Gordons, 11)Christmas Irish Jigs (Strip the Willow/Hoopers Jig/Hamilton House/Luckenbooth Brooch), 12)Canadian Barn Dance or Polka, 13)Slow Waltz, 14)Christmas Reels (Irish Rover/Bratach Bana/Shiftin' Bobbins/Duke of Perth/Reel of 51st Division


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