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Iain MacPhail "From Highlands & Islands"

(1998) 17 tracks: Family Memories: (The Ivy Cottage Two-Step); 2/4 Pipe Marches: (Kilberry Castle / Glen Caladh Castle); Gaelic Watzes: (The Mavis Wood / Fear A Bhata / An Ataireachd / Mo Mhathair); Gay Gordons: (Gen Sir Michael Gow's Farewell to Edinburgh Castle / Alasdair MacLeod's Welcome to Edinburgh); Tribute to Bobby MacLeod: (Chi Mi Na Mor-Bheanna / Kenmuir's On and Awa / Allan C.Beaton of Tobermoray / M'Athair / John Robertson / Happy We've Been A'Thegither / Caber Feidh); Mull Connections: (Sweet Maid of Mull / MacLeod of Mull); Highland Schottische: (Calum Beag / Muilin Dhu / Ubhaidh Abhaidh / Fear a Phige); West Coast Pipe Jigs: (Padruig Og / John Kerr / John Paterson's Mare); Grand March: (James M.Cameron of Glasgow / Sandy Kirkpatrick of Helensburgh); Armistice Day Tribute: (Flowers of the Forest / When the Battle's O'er / Highland Brigade at Magersfontein / Heroes of Vittoria / Bloddy Field of Flanders); The Skyline of Skye); Isle of Skye: (Title / Pumpkin's Fancy / John Keith Lang / The Clumsy Lover); Tribute to Danny MacPhail: (Belmont / Bunessan); The Willie Hunter Two-Step; The Braes of Sutherland: (The Youngest Ancient Mariner); Gaelic Waltz: (An T-Eilean Aluinn / Och! Och! Mar Tha Mi / Maighdeanab Na H-Airidh / Mo Run Gael Dileas); Memories of Shetland: (Up Helly-Aa / The Galley Song).

The popular dance band play tracks with Shetland, Mull, Skye, Sutherland and other Highland connections.

Iain MacPhail (acordion); Ron Kerr (fiddle); David Hume (accordion); Max Ketchin (drums); Iain Watt (guitar/vocal); David Flockhart (piano); Alasdair MacLeod (bass); Keith Dickson (keyboards/percussion); Niall Skinner (bagpipes).


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