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Headway Snake 3 AG Guitar Pickup

The SNAKE3 AG is tailored for Acoustic Steel Strung Guitar, Tenor Guitar, Bouzouki, Mandocello, Octave Mandola and Octave Mandolin.
The Snake is Headway's high-performance active pickup system offering an uncannily natural sound and quality features at a budget price. Headway have managed to cut the cost of The Snake by virtue of revolutionary design. This system has a tiny but robust micro pre-amp which appeals to musician requiring acoustic pick-ups to have an absolute minimum possible impact on instruments, as The Snake is easier to fit where internal body access is difficult. Like the High-End pick-ups, 'The Snake' series have a class 'A' section pre-amp, pro-audio IC chip and instrument-specific fixed EQ. We recommend this pickup system is fitted by a professional technician & offer this service in our Stonehaven shop.


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