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Headway HE2/G.FEQ Acoustic Guitar Pickup System

The HE2/G.FEQ is Headway's High-End Complete active under-saddle steel strung acoustic guitar pick-up system with instrument-specific fixed EQ. Each Headway system utilises interactive "Baxandall" designs for a more natural and musical response than graphic EQ. In other words, the sound profile is tailored to the instrument. Once it is installed, you can plug in and get the best sound currently on the market for your instrument. Potentially destructive plugging-in noise is reduced by the "slow power-on" circuit. All Headway pick-ups are made with tight tolerance audio components to maximise product life. HE2 pick-ups are individually tested and assigned a serial number for guarantee purposes. We recommend professional installation of this pickup system and offer this service in our Stonehaven shop.


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