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Tim Edey's Dropped D Guitar Tutor

Tim Edey is a successful solo artist and multi-instrumentalist and award winning musician. This delightful DVD includes over 1 hour of teaching the basics of dropped D tuning and much more to get you going accompanying celtic music. The content covers playing a reel including rhythm and styles, jigs and polcas including rhythm lessons,learn the popular tune "Little Bird" written by Tim, dropped D chords and live clips of the tunes to play along with and much more. Filmed entirely by Tim, this DVD is not intended to be a glitzy style movie but an organic and incredibly useful learning tool for any guitarist beginning or wanting to learn or improve the basics and more of dropped D tuning for celtic and folk music accompaniment but can be applied to almost any gendre of music.
-Introduction from Tim
-The basics & playing a reel
-Playing jigs
-Little Bird & tutorial
-Chords & more
-Live clips & playalong


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