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Accompanying Irish Music on Guitar

1.0 The developing art of accompaniment
1.1 The emergence of the guitar in the accompaniment of Irish music
1.2 Profiles of leading players
1.3 Accompanying tunes effectively
2.0 Getting started
2.1 Guide to choosing equipment
2.2 Developing a practice routine
2.3 Notation used in this book
3.0 Guide to tunings and accompaniment styles
3.1 The structure of Irish tunes
3.2 Strumming and picking patterns
3.3 Tunings
3.4 Tunes accompanied in standard tuning
John Brady’s & Hexham races
Pretty Peg & The baker
Flogging reel & The whistling postman
Pigeon on the gate & The Shaskeen reel
3.5 Tunes accompanied in dropped D: DADGBE
Fred Finn’s & Music in the glen
Julia Delaney & My love is in America
Cooley’s hornpipe & The home ruler
3.6 Tunes accompanied in double dropped D: DADGBD
Eddie Kelly’s jig & Jerry’s beaver hat
Pigtown fling & Roly-poly
3.7 Accompanying tunes in DADGAD
3.8 Tunes accompanied in DADGAD
Mist-covered mountain & The rakes of Kildare
Doctor O’Neill & The mug of brown ale
The trip to Athlone & The rambling pitchfork
My darling asleep & Boys of the town
Shoemaker’s daughter & Dinkie’s reel
4.0 Appendix
4.1 Theory
Chord construction
Fretboard diagrams
Chord inversions & voicings, modal chords & modes,
barré chords, slash chords, relative minors
4.2 Full listing of all chords used in the book
4.3 Transposition chart


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