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Scottish Piano Collection by David Milligan

Scottish traditional and contemporary piano tunes.
David Milligan is well known in piano playing circles and he is in great demand as a teacher and composer and regularly plays with Bachue Cafe, The Unusual Suspects, The David Milligan Trio and The Catriona Macdonald Band.
The music is influenced by David's love of jazz and his unique mix of the Scottish traditional and jazz genres offers a chance for pianists to explore the potential of these types of Scottish arrangements.
As well as the tunes there is useful information on style and suggestions of other types of arrangements which can be developed from these settings.Supplied c/w CD.
Catch And Kiss The Romp
The Heights Of Cassino
Not Only But Oslo
Sandy Is My Darling
The Pipe Slang
Joseph’s Jig
Queen Of The Highlands
Corrina’s Touch
Lady Mary Ramsay
Teviot Bridge
The Phrayes
Trip To Dinan
Orkney (Maoile Nan Crogaichean)
Trek Up The Slieve
The Pirriwig
Piper’s Bidding


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