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In Between Anglo

Improving your skills on the Anglo Concertina
There comes a point in your musical development when you are no longer a beginner but are not quite ready to burst out into the world of clubs, sessions and festivals with a fistful of Irish reels or Northumbrian hornpipes. If you are most definitely beyond the appellation of 'beginner', then this slim volume is for you. It charts the progression from the humble but none the less noble twenty button Anglo concertina, to the basics of thirty button playing. You will discover some of the rock faces and plateaus that can bedevil steady progress with the instrument; those feelings of elation when you have reached competence in you own eyes only to be floored by seeing or hearing another player knocking the stuffing out of one of your hard learned tunes with apparent ease. It's all part of the process. You climb up; you fall down - but not as far as the bottom of the hill where you started. You are making strides forwards but not as quickly as you would like. This is where a degree of patience must enter the equation. No instrumentalist, on whatever chosen instrument, can expect to buy the thing on day one and wake up playing it at concert performance level on day two.
The lessons are set out in easy to read tablature and staff notation. This is to help you to understand what the buttons are doing and where they belong in the great scheme of written music. The Anglo concertina is a far from logical beast when you first pick it up but practice does reveal its fundamental simplicity and the pains that went into it's early development by the people who created it. Good luck with your efforts and remember that the enjoyment of playing traditional music and the act of keeping it alive should outweigh all other considerations.


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