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50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo

This collection of fifty jigs, reels and hornpipes is arranged for two types of tuning; the standard C G D A used by Gerry O'Connor, and the traditional G D A E tuning used by David McNevin. The first 25 tunes (pages 6-28( are played by Gerry O'Connor, whose creative arid individual style has earned him the reputation of being one of Ireland's finest banjo players. The remaining tunes (pages 29-48( are arranged and played by David McNevin, an extremely skillful player in the traditional style, who has received major awards for his achievements on the banjo. As David McNevin's solos are arranged for traditional tuning, the tablature may also be used for the mandolin.

Gerry O'Connor and David McNevin are two of the finest tenor banjo players in Irish traditional music, and 50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo is the most comprehensive collection of Irish banjo tunes currently available. Gerry O'Connor's 25 selections (arranged for C G D A tuning) reflect a style that has earned him a reputation as the most creative exponent of the instrument in Irish music.
David McNevin, himself the recipient of major awards for his banjo playing, has selected 25 tunes and arranged them for G D A E or traditional tuning; the tablature for these solos may also be used for the mandolin.


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