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Belgarth Handmade 18" Tuneable Bodhran

Belgarth Bodhrans is a small company based in the Orkney Isles & run by Jane & Eoin Leonard. The build quality of these instruments is outstanding & of professional quality. Their bodhrans are handmade using solid wood frames and cured skins. The drum frames have a finished thickness of 9-10 millimetres. The standard frame depth is 95-100 millimetres although deeper frames of up to 150mm can be made in all sizes. Playing surface: Belgarth Bodhran heads are all made from good quality goatskins. These are put through a process to thicken and soften them so that when "played in" the resulting sound is "strong and mellow". Tuning system: All Belgarth bodhrans can be fitted with a tuning system. This consists of an adjustable wooden ring which is moved against the skin. Because the skin tension can then be adjusted to suit, the bodhran is not so susceptible to the vagaries of atmospheric conditions (humidity, temperature etc). Natural finish.


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