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Mary Ann Kennedy & Charlotte Peterson-"Strings Attached"

14 tracks: ̉ganaich an ̣r-fhuilt bhuidhe; The Sailor's Wife, Morrison's Jig, The Tenpenny Bit, Kate Martin's Waltz; The Harper's Farewell to Bushmills; An Coire Riabhach; Canon in D; One Hump or Two; An Eal'air a' Chuan; The Musical Priest; Eilean a' Chẹ; Ailean Duinn, Discovery, Peter Davidson's Reel; An t-Iarla Diurach; An Honest Man; Bho'n chuir mo leannan culthaobh rium, Dh'fhalhainn sgiobalta, Meal do bhṛgan, Nead na lach as a luachair; Take Five, Willa Fjord. Mary Ann Kennedy was born and brought up in Glasgow but has strong family ties with Skye and Tiree. She began performing at a very early age and has won both the National Mod Gold Medal (1988) and the Traditional Gold Medal (1987). She studied harp and piano at the Royal Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, where in 1988 she won the Governor's Recital Prize. In 1988 and 1989 she won the International Celtic Harp Competition at Lorient in Brittany. Mary Ann and Charlotte started playing together at the end of 1989.

Charlotte Petterson was born in Denmark but has lived in Scotland since early childhood. She has worked extensively in theatre and has played throughout Europe and the United Kingdom. She was awarded a Fraser Harp Scholarship and went on to study harp at the Royal Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, where she graduated B.A. Music Performance. Since then, Charlotte has worked in the field of special needs, as well as playing regularly with Mary Ann at the Edinburgh Harp Festival, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Lorient Folk Festival in Brittany.


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