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Cathal Hayden - Handed Down

Track listings:
1.Farrell O'Gara/Martin Wynne's(Reels)
2.The Monaghan Jig
3.The Drunken Sailor/Unknown Reel(Hornpipe/Reel)
4.The Graf Spee(Reel)
5.A Stor Mo Chroi (Slow Air)
6.Mary Bergin's/McFadden's Handsome Daughter/Unknown(Reels)
7.Liz Carroll's Reels
8.The Banks/The Maid Behind the Bar(Hornpipe/Reel)
9.The Orphan/Langstern's Pony(Jigs)
10.The Kilavell Fancy/Coleman's Cross(Reels)
11.Cherish the Ladies/Charlie Lennon's No.2(Jig/Reel)
12.Unknown/Master Crowley's/Jennie's Chickens(Reels)


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