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Angelina Carberry - "An Traidisium Beo"

Track listings:
1.Dermot Grogan's / Hardiman's Fancy (Jigs.)
2.The Brown Coffin / Paddy Lynn's Delight.(Hornpipe & reel.)
3.The Girl of the House/The Dawn Chorus/O'Sullivan's March(Jigs)
4.The Miller of Drone/Pauline Conneely's/Finbarr Dwyer's(Highland & reels)
5.Poll Ha'penny/Sean O'Duibhir an Ghleanna(Hornpipes)
6.Farewell to Gurteen/John Joe Gardiner's(Jigs)
7.Paddy Kelly's/The Log Cabin/Mayor Harrison's Fedora(Reels)
8.Paddy Fahy's/The Buck from the Mountain(Hornpipes)
9.Finbarr Dwyer's/The Dog Among the Bushes(Reels)
10.Bold Doherty/Kitty Come Down to Limerick(Jigs)
11.Bonnie Anne's/Rogha Thomais Ui Dhubhda / Quinn's(Reels)
12.The Princess Royal (O'Carolan tune)


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