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Harry Bradley "The Night Rambler's Companion"

Track listings:
1.Reels: The Green Gowned Lass / O'Mealy's Blackberry Blossom
2.Hornpipe & Clog: The London Clog / The Cuckoo
3.Jigs: The Green Blanket / An Buachaillin Bui
4.Reels: Kitty in the Lane / Ballinasloe Fair
5.Polkas: The Teelin Polkas
6.Jig: Tom Busby's
7.Reels: The Culfadda / Maud Miller
8.Polka & March: McKenna's / Bruce's March
9.Air: The Wounded Hussar
10.Jig & Slip Jig: Repeal of the Union / Bean Paidin
11.Reels: The Boys of the Lough / Sonny Brogan's
12.Jigs: The Visit to Ireland / The Tongs by the Fire
13.Polkas: Tom Morrison's / Charlie O'Neill's
14.Jigs: Wallop the Spot / Tom Billy's Favourite


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