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The Irish Folk Festival 2000: The Lighthouse of Tradition


Featuring Nomos, Karan Casey and Robbie Overson, Joe Burke and Anne Conroy and Kennedy's Gathering Storms. Four great Celtic acts brought together for the Irish Folk Festival 2000 tour of Germany.
Track listings:
1. Callan Bridge - Paradise Place - Farrell O'Gara's favourite
2. Then I Go to Sleep
3. Vino Rosso - Grappa Groove
4. Red Branch - Keep It Up - the Famous Bridge
5. Eirigh Suas a Stoirin
6. Edward
7. James Connolly
8. Fear an Bhata
9. March for the Kings of Laois
10. The Drunken Tinker
11. Morgan Megan - Peter Street
12. Kitty Come Down to Limerick
13. Miss Susan Cooper
14. The Hot Asphalt
15. The Lowlands of Holland
16. Miss Campbell of Sheerness


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