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Tommy Peoples - "The Quiet Glen"

Track listings:
1)Jocelyn's Waltz - My Granny's Hieland Hame
2)Kitty Come Down to Limerick - Mamore Gap
3)The Green Fields of Glentown - La Cosa Mulligan
4)The Mouse In the Attic - The Fat Cat
5)Hector the Hero - The Coffin Ships
6)The Blooming Meadow - The Rose On the Heather
7)The Cup of Tea - Beautiful Gortlee
8)The Quiet Glen - The Gortree
9)Black Pat's - Bonny Kate
10)Don't Touch the Green Linnet - Dooish - Grainne's
11)Mayor Harrison's Fedora - The Bird On the Bush
12)The Green Fields of America - The Battering Ram
13)The First Day of Spring - The Kinnycally Klansmen


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