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Alastair Fraser & Jody Stecher-"The Driven Bow"

Track listings:
1.Lady Louisa Gordon / Mrs Garden of Troup / The Fisher's Wedding / Lady Harriet Hope / The Mill of Laggan; 2.Blue Bonnets Over the Border / There Was An Old Woman Tossed Up in a Blanket / The Rock and the Wee Pickle Tow;3.Jessie Smith / The Braes of Mar / Jenny Dang the Weaver / Pretty Peggy; 4.Domhnall Dubh / The Nine Pint Coggie / Ladar Mor a' Chogain / Calum Finlay; 5.Father John MacMillan of Barra (Norman MacDonald) / The Devil in the Kitchen / Miss Drummond of Perth / MacKinnon's Rant / Traditional Reel / Margaree Reel;6. The Conundrum / The Sprig of Ivy ; 7.Captain Campbell / Calum Breugach / King George IV / The King's Reel / Old Time Wedding Reels / The Cape Breton Symphony's Welcome to the Shetland Isles / Father Francis Cameron / Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Boston ;8. The Lea Rig; 9.The McNeils of Ugadale / Dr Angus and Emily MacDonald's Trip to San Francisco


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