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Battlefield Band-"Happy Daze"

Track listings:
1. The Devils Courtship/An Dro
2. Medium Man/Floating Candles/Nighean Cailleach Nan Cearc (The Hen Wifes Daughter)
3. The Banks Of Red Roses
4. Tiny Wee Vin/The Road To The Aisle
5. The Riccarton Tollmans Daughter
6. Shepherd Lad
7. The Merry Macs/Dr. Iain MacAonghais (Dr John MacInnes)/Fonn Air Cailleach An T-Siosalaich (Mrs Chisholms Delight)
8. Happy Days
9. Whaur Will We Gang?/March Of The Ceili Man
10. A Mile Down The Road/Johnnys Jig/Boys Of The Puddle
11. Start It All Over Again


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