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Frankie Gavin & Paul Brock -"A Tribute to Joe Cooley"

Frankie Gavin & Paul Brock-A tribute to the legendary box player Joe Cooley.
Track listings:
1. Cooley's/ The Wise Maid
2. Over the Moor to Maggie/ Dowd's Number Nine
3. Stack of Wheat/ Miss Galvin's
4. Mike Flanagan's/ The Milliner's Daughter
5. Clancy's/ The Scotsman over the Border
6. Lafferty's/ My Love Is in America
7. Sailor on the Rock/ Temple House/ The Lilies in the Field
8. The Fermoy Lassies/ Hand Me Down the Tackle
9. My Darling's Asleep/The Queen of the Fair
10. The Mullingar Races/ The Humours of Westport
11. The Derry/ The Fisher
12. The Sally Gardens/ The Ships Are Sailing/ The Wild Irishman/ The Coalminer/ the Skylark


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